These Twelve: The Gospel Through the Apostles' Eyes

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  • Moving depiction of the Gospels
  • Events as seen through the eyes of the Apostles
  • Their weaknesses, strengths, backgrounds and motivations
  • Researched through Scripture, historical information and insights of scholars
  • Must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about The Twelve
The Men Were the Mission

One, holy, Catholic… and apostolic Church? Catholics often overlook that last part. And Protestants tend to downplay its importance, treating the apostles as accidental byproducts of Jesus’ ministry rather than key pieces of it.

But in These Twelve, author Rod Bennett (Four Witnesses, The Apostasy That Wasn’t) shows that the apostles weren’t random, interchangeable parts—mere pawns that Jesus moved around in order to accomplish his mission. No, these men were the mission.

In this riveting re-examination of familiar Gospel events from the ground-floor perspective of Christ’s hand-picked heirs, you will learn the true meaning of apostolicity—and why it’s an essential mark of the one Church that Jesus founded to go out to the world and make all people his Chosen People.

Along the way, you’ll delight in Bennett’s trademark storytelling style as he movingly depicts what it was like to witness Jesus’ teaching and miracles from the apostles’ point of view. The Lord’s most intimate disciples take on flesh and blood, with their strengths, weaknesses, backgrounds, and motivations explored with the help of Scripture, history, and the insights of faithful scholars.
  • Author: Rob Bennett 
  • Pages: 173 
  • Format: Paperback

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