How to Think Like Aquinas - The Sure Way to Perfect Your Mental Powers

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  • How to Think Like Aquinas: The Sure Way to Perfect Your Mental Powers
  • How to know your mental powers and their limits.
  • How to commit key truths to memory.

About St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope John XXII said:
"A man can derive more profit in a year from his books 
than from pondering all his life the teaching of others."
And Pope Pius XI added: 
"We now say to all who are desirous of the truth: 
'Go to St. Thomas.'"

But when we do go to Thomas, when we open his massive Summa Theologica or another of his works, we're quickly overwhelmed, even lost.

If we find him hard to read, how can we even begin to "think like Aquinas?"

Now comes Kevin Vost, the best-selling author of The One-Minute Aquinas, armed with a recently rediscovered letter St. Thomas himself wrote, a brief letter to young novice monk giving practical, sage advice about how to study, how to think, and even how to live.

In this letter written almost 800 years ago, St. Thomas reveals his unique powers of intellect and will, and explains how anyone can fathom and explain even the loftiest truths.

Vost and St. Thomas will teach you how to dissect logical fallacies, heresies, and half-truths that continue to pollute our world with muddy thinking. Best of all, you'll find a fully-illustrated set of exercises to improve your intellectual powers of memory, understanding, logical reasoning, shrewdness, foresight, circumspection, and practical wisdom.

You'll also learn:

•    The four steps to training your memory
•    How to know your mental powers and their limits
•    Why critical thinking alone is insufficient for reaching the truth
•    Twenty common fallacies and how to spot them
•    The key to effectively reading any book
•    How to set your intellect free by avoiding worldly entanglements
•    How to commit key truths to memory

Pius XI called St. Thomas Aquinas the "model" for those who want to "pursue their studies to the best advantage and with the greatest profit to themselves." Leo XIII urged us all to "follow the example of St. Thomas." Over the centuries, dozens of other popes have praised him.

Surely it is time to listen to these good men, time to "go to Thomas" to learn to think like him, and, yes, even to live like him.


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