Through the Year with Mary: Ponder and Pray Together with Children

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  • Delightfully engaging children's book
  • Beautifully written and illustrated
  • Year-long plan for kids to come to know and pray with Mary
  • Scripture, reflections and Sacred Art
  • Help children learn to entrust themselves to Our Lady

For two-thousand years, Christians around the world have sought the Blessed Virgin Mary as a guide to growing closer to her Son, Jesus. Through Scripture, Catholic teaching, devotions, and countless works of art, we come to see Mary as our Mother, too.

Through the Year with Mary by Katherine Bogner brings together the Church’s traditions in one place and provides a year-long plan for coming to know and love the Mother of God through

  • Weekly passages from Scripture, saints, and scholars
  • Reflections to nurture your understanding of Marian teaching and devotion
  • Sacred art from around the world
  • Marian prayers to teach you to grow closer to Jesus through Mary

This comprehensive resource will help adults and children alike to entrust themselves to the most loving Mother of Jesus.

Through the Year with Mary has received the nihil obstat and imprimatur.

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  • Katherine Bogner
  • 208 pages
  • Hardcover
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Emmaus Road Publishing

Through the Year with Mary: Ponder and Pray Together with Children