True Leadership (2nd Edition)

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  • Based on the 5 building blocks of Catholic leadership
  • Insights into how faith and character form a leader
  • Developed for a University Leadership Interns program 
  • How to place your gifts at the service of the Gospel
  • Development and formation for aspiring leaders

True Leadership outlines a leadership philosophy based upon the five building blocks of Catholic leadership. They are, in order of importance, (1) faith; (2) character; (3) vocation; (4) gifts; and (5) skills. Current leadership models usually begin with questions of skill; some include gifting; fewer attempt a limited engagement with character. True Leadership teaches a different model, namely that a leader is someone a person is, rather than simply something a person does. Faith and character are thus the foundations upon which gifting and skills find their right place.

The contents of this book were originally developed for the Leadership Interns program, of the Center for Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas. The Interns program offers promising junior and senior students a comprehensive formation in Christian leadership through a uniquely Christ-centered approach that begins with the education of the heart in faith and virtue. This starting point allows students to respond to God's call by placing their gifts and skills at the service of his gospel, preparing them to exert an influence in the world that moves it toward the goodness which belongs to his kingdom.

Habiger Institute for Catholic Leadership, housed in the Center for Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota), provides students with leadership formation which goes beyond the development of skills to a more organic and collaborative model of Catholic leadership in the academy, in the Church, and in civil and professional life. In addition to assisting the formation of many young Catholic leaders, the Institute is a place of thoughtful analysis concerning what it means to be a Catholic leader in modern society.

  • Preface by Michael J. Naughton & Introduction by Jonathan Reyes
  • 191 pages
  • Softcover

True Leadership (2nd Edition)