12 Life Lessons From St. Thomas Aquinas - Timeless Spiritual Wisdom For Our Turbulent Times

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  • 12 Life Lessons From St. Thomas Aquinas: Timeless Spiritual Wisdom For Our Turbulent Times

Though the controversies and scandals racking the Church today cannot ultimately prevail against it, they have certainly created rifts between believers like never before. Where can we look to rediscover the heart of our faith so that, as Christ himself prayed, we might all be one?

Almost every pope has declared the answer since 1323 when Pope John XXII named one man the “Common Doctor” of the Church — St. Thomas Aquinas. Since then, Aquinas’ philosophy and approach to Truth are to be held in common, cherished, and shared, by all of the Church throughout time.

Through his unequaled powers of intellect, enhanced by his full embrace of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Thomas’s writings provide the utterly timeless life lessons we must heed if we, the Church, are to become one in our pursuit of eternal salvation for ourselves and for all men.

Here, you’ll find the twelve essential, eternal life lessons culled from Thomas’s writings, accompanied by practical ways to implement them in your life.

About the Author
Kevin Vost, PSY.D., has taught psychology at Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee and the University of Illinois at Springfield.
He is the author of twenty books including Memorize the Faith! and How to Think Like Aquinas.


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