Walking with God in the Unimpressive Seasons of Life

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  • Realizing your potential for holiness and virtue
  • Choosing wisely in every season of life
  • How to make the most of the uneventful or challenging seasons
  • Everyday holiness and how it leads to sanctity
  • By beloved chaplain Fr. Mike Schmitz
Most of life is made up of unimpressive moments and unimpressive seasons. While we look forward to the next “peak moment” of our lives, we cannot underestimate the importance of these ordinary seasons in our lives—because these are the times when we become the people God needs us to be.

In this latest book by beloved chaplain Fr. Mike Schmitz, you will discover that you have an important and irreplaceable part in God’s story. Learn from Fr. Mike how small choices can help you realize your potential in this life—and in the next.

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  • Author: Fr. Mike Schmitz
  • 64 Pages
  • Softcover
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The Word Among Us
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Walking with God in the Unimpressive Seasons of Life


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