What to Say and How to Say It, Volume III

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  • Confidently discuss what you believe
  • Critical issues and beliefs of our Faith
  • Overview of topics and explanations
  • Common arguments and how to respond
  • Written by expert Catholic writers to help you defend your Faith

It’s not uncommon for someone who doesn’t understand the Catholic faith to question believers on hot-button topics such as contraception and Church scandals. Are you confident in your responses or do you try to avoid the conversation because you don’t know if you’ll get it right?

In What to Say and How to Say It, Volume 3, Brandon Vogt—bestselling and award-winning author and senior publishing director of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries—tackles these critical issues, as well as salvation, the Bible, miracles, the Mass, and end-of-life concerns, to give you the tools you need to be clear and convincing as you share your convictions with those around you.

Each chapter offers an overview of the topic and a straightforward explanation of what the Church teaches. Then you’ll learn about the most common contemporary arguments against the Church’s teachings followed by step-by-step instructions for responding intelligently and confidently. Vogt also shares interviews with experts on each topic, including Christopher West, Mike Aquilina, Stephanie Gray Connors, and Karlo Broussard.

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  • Author: Brandon Vogt
  • Pages: 224
  • Format: Softcover
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Ave Maria Press
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What to Say and How to Say It, Volume III