Wish List Help

Have you ever seen a beautiful Catholic gift and thought:

“That would be a perfect gift for her [or him]!”


“I really want that—but I need to save
my money for now and get it later.”

Later on you forget what the item
was—or you can’t find it anymore.

Problem solved. We now provide Wish Lists
for registered Catholic Company customers!



If you are signed in, click on "My Account"or
"Sign In" in the top right corner to get started.



If you are not signed in, click on "Sign In," and
if you are a registered Catholic Company customer,
enter your Email Address and Password to sign in.

If you are not a registered Catholic Company
customer, click "Create Account" on the right.


If you are already signed in, just click on "My Account"
and then click "My Wishlists" to start your Wish List.


To make a new Wish List,
click “New Wish List.”

You’ll be able to keep track
of all the items you love!

When you’re browsing our website and see a favorite gift,
click on the heart next to the “Add to Cart” button,
and choose which wishlist you want it on.