Women of the Church: What Every Catholic Should Know

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  • Presents a wide array of well know & lesser know women of the Church
  • Their lives, contributions and importance in our history
  • Diverse social, ethnic, national & historic origins 
  • The history of the women who shaped, saved and defined the Church
  • Great gift for young women and inspiration for all Catholics
Faithful women have always been at the heart of the Church's common life, shaping it and the course of entire civilizations. In Women of the Church, Bronwen McShea presents a wide array of well known and lesser known canonized and beatified women, others awaiting beatification, and still more figures not meriting canonization but whom every Catholic should know.

She situates Catholic women from diverse social, ethnic, and national origins in their historical contexts, examining specific challenges they faced in settings such as imperial Rome, Reformation Europe, colonial Latin America and Africa, and the USA and Soviet Union during the Cold War. In the process, she shows that, in every age, women inspired by God with creativity, courage, and fidelity have helped save the Church from corruption, disunity, and destruction.

In short, McShea clarifies that the history of Catholic women, like the history of Catholic men, is the history of the Church.

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  • Author: Bronwen McShea
  • 224 Pages
  • Paperback
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Saints & Blesseds
Ignatius Press

Women of the Church: What Every Catholic Should Know