You Are Called to Greatness

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  • Manifesting faith, hope & love in everyday life
  • Growing in zeal through simple actions
  • Secrets to forgiveness, valuable advice on becoming a saint
  • Serving God in youth and later years
  • Incredible resource for attaining holiness

We are all called to be saints, yet many of us struggle to move beyond living as “average” Catholics who have settled into complacency. Here’s the one book you need to break through to higher ground and attain holiness in your ordinary life.

In these short, compelling chapters, Fr. Leo Trese brilliantly explains how we can manifest our faith, hope, and love for God in our everyday lives, and he shares concrete ways you can grow in zeal through simple actions. 

You Are Called to Greatness offers valuable advice for parents on how to bring up emotionally healthy children to become saints, as well as how older Catholics can best serve our Lord in their golden years. Fr. Trese offers the secret to forgiving others – both spiritually and practically – and he shows us how our fidelity to making small sacrifices can bring tremendous fruit.

Fr. Trese discusses the most common sins you will encounter on your spiritual journey, and he provides a short, daily examen that will help you move from what you did wrong to why you sinned. He clarifies numerous misconceptions of God’s love that may be standing in your way, and he even tackles those issues that lead many souls to scrupulosity and oversensitivity. 

Fr. Trese skillfully unpacks the four cardinal virtues and shows how they can become a permanent presence in your life. In addition, he explains how your sins against virtue diminish the happiness of those around you.

Best of all, you will learn about the importance of spending time daily with the Lord and how to give God the greatest honor. You will be consoled by Fr. Trese’s advice about distractions in prayer and, importantly, will learn how to intercede for others. Taking this classic book to heart will deepen your mental prayer, open the door of your heart to contemplation, and fix your gaze lovingly upon the Lord in all things.

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  • Author: Leo J. Trese
  • 144 Pages
  • Softcover
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Sophia Institute Press
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You Are Called to Greatness


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