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Birthstone Rosaries Guide

Dec 21, 2011 by

Birthstone Rosaries

The rosary is one of the most ancient and widely known tools of prayer of the Catholic Church. Birthstones are some of the oldest and most popular gems of human history.

The rosary is a significant means by which we ask for the intercession of the Blessed Mother, obtain numerous graces from our Lord, and reflect on the mysteries of the Gospels. The birthstones held great significance in ancient times, both in the Jewish, religious realm and the secular realm.

You could almost say these 2 concepts are a “match made in heaven” when it comes to devotionals that truly shine with both spiritual and physical beauty.

The Birthstone has its origin in the Breastplate of Aaron described in the Old Testament. This breastplate had 12 gemstones: one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel. Over the years certain stones were ascribed to certain months and became birthstones. By 1912 the official birthstone list was made and has remained unchanged since.

According to secular tradition, birthstones bring good luck and health; one could certainly argue the validity of that claim. In any case, the ancient Scriptural significance of the birthstones presents a much more powerful story. Adding a birthstone to a rosary adds even more beauty and meaning to an already impressive set of prayer beads.

Birthstone rosaries include more of a personal touch than most other rosaries, and are a constant reminder of the person’s God-given gift of life. A rosary with incorporated birthstone accents make a wonderful gift for a loved one and will further call them to a deeper relationship with their spiritual mother and Our Lord himself.

Below is a list of the birthstone rosaries for each month.

The Birthstone rosary combines the beauty and personal nature of the birthstone with the radiance of the rosary, making a phenomenal gift. Giving the gift of the Birthstone rosary might make all the difference in the spiritual life of your loved one.

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