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Christmas Traditions - The Jesse Tree

Oct 31, 2010 by

An increasingly popular Advent and Christmas tradition is the creation of a Jesse Tree. This special tree recreates the family tree of Jesus - beginning with Adam and Eve at the creation of the world. Each person on the Jesse Tree plays an important role in the story of Salvation History and is represented by a symbol, such as the burning bush for Moses.

Many families use the Jesse Tree as a type of Advent Calendar.  It is an excellent way to engage children of all ages.  Ornaments are usually added to the Jesse Tree from the bottom to the top, so little ones can start the tree, while older ones can hang higher ones as we get closer and closer to Christmas.  The Jesse Tree is also an excellent educational tool.  Encourage your children to study the symbols on each ornament, and then read together the related Bible passage or story.  As we move through the four weeks of Advent, the Jesse Tree helps us to see clearly through the ages God's incredible plan to send Jesus as our Savior.

Does your family have a special Jesse Tree tradition?