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Classic Catholic Book: What Jesus Saw From The Cross

Feb 05, 2013 by

In Gethsemane, Jesus begged His disciples to "watch one hour" with Him.

Another Lent begins next week.

Before it ends, will you finally manage

to watch one hour with Jesus,

and in that hour, to grow closer to Him in prayer...

as He yearns for you to do?

If you're not confident, you should

consider this remarkable book,

written in Jerusalem in the 1920s

by a Dominican priest who lived there.

This Lent, it will make it easy for you

to watch not just one hour with Jesus,

but many.

"By means of this book,"

said Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta,

"we enter right into the Heart of Jesus and discover

how precious we are to Him and how much

He longs for our love in return."


The late John Cardinal O'Connor

called this book "beautiful, devotional, and insightful."


Fr. Benedict Groeschel

proclaimed it "a powerful aid to meditation."


Dr. Alice von Hildebran says,

"This book should be in the hands of every single Christian."

That's because its author,

Rev. A.D. Sertillanges (1863-1948),

wrote with the care of a scholar, the eye of a cinematographer,

and the tenderness of a saint.

In the pages of this book, What Jesus Saw from the Cross,

you'll be jostled by crowds as you enter Jerusalem with Jesus,

choke on the dust of the narrow streets,

breathe the rich smells of the city at festival time,

and share the Last Supper with the disciples.

You'll weep in Gethsemane,

witness the kiss of Judas and the lying accusations

made before Herod and Pilate.

You'll stumble with Jesus through narrow streets,

bumped by pack animals and hawkers selling wares

to the thrill-seeking crowd,

sneering at the Cross Jesus bears.

You'll weep as soldiers drive home the nails

and tremble as darkness covers the earth

when Jesus dies.

So intense is Fr. Sertillanges' account of Jesus' last days

— and so faithful to the Gospel —

that generations of Catholics have used

What Jesus Saw from the Cross

to prepare themselves for Easter.


The late Fr. John Hardon, Servant of God, said that:

"Father Sertillanges' book immerses us

into every detail, every event, and every emotion

that accompanies the drama

of Christ's suffering and sacrifice on the cross.

After reading this book, every Christian will experience

the vivid sense of being an eyewitness

to the death of His Lord

and view the Crucifixion as a personal event

that touches his daily life.

This is a book for all times, for all places, and for all people, especially our own age."


Will your faith grow this Lent,

or will it be another Lent

in which you just

"manage to get by?"

Join Mother Teresa, Cardinal O'Connor,

Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Dr. Alice von Hildebrand,

and countless other good Catholics

who have nourished their faith with

What Jesus Saw from the Cross.

what jesus saw from the cross