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Confirmed in Christ - Confirmation Gifts of Faith & Meaning

May 09, 2023 by

For the last 25 years, whenever my family has celebrated special occasions, The Catholic Company has been there with meaningful gifts that reflect the truth and beauty of our Faith. Long before I began working here, I was shopping here.

A Bishop seals a Confirmand with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Our youngest will be confirmed in June, and I'm looking forward to his Confirmation day. In a busy world where many people have a "checklist mentality," celebrating significant Catholic milestones together reinforces their importance. When we commemorate them in meaningful ways, it's a reminder that faith is meant to be the center of a Catholic life. 

This Confirmation season, we have a wide variety of special gifts to suit any style, taste, or interest. If you will soon be shopping for Confirmation gifts, here are a few of my favorites: 

Personalized keepsake boxes can store spare change, small items like ticket stubs or photos, jewelry, precious mementos, or a rosary. For an added touch, select a faithful gift and tuck it inside.  


Our boxes are handcrafted here at The Catholic Company in a variety of styles and finishes for both young men and women. 

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Traditional jewelry for Confirmation is a timeless gift. Now there are also stylish and youthful pieces that reflect faith. Help them start a collection of faithful jewelry as a visual reminder to stay focused on Jesus while they are out in the world. It's also a statement to others about what they believe. 

[[19062, 34246]]

Our Brave Beads rosaries, made on-site, or our rosary wrap bracelets in many different materials, colors, and styles allow them to take the rosary with them wherever they go, and pray anywhere at any time. 

[[34328, 22347]]

Even the car can be a place of prayer and devotion for a busy Catholic, with devotional stickers, auto rosaries, key chains and visor clips that reflect the Faith. Find a variety of individual items at The Catholic Company, or purchase a special set. 


Whether it's the car, the classroom, or the great outdoors, we've got faithful accessories that are practical, attractive reminders of who they are in Christ. Not only will gifts like these inspire your recipient to remain strong in the Faith, but when used or displayed, they gently speak to others as well. 

[[43838, 51012]]


The life of faith is an incredible adventure, so help them step into the mystery. Give them the tools to keep growing and learning, and the inspiration to set aside time for their continued formation


Confirmation saints are an important part of aspiring to holiness. We have an incredible variety of patron saint gifts to inspire them as they model the virtues of their protector and companion in the Faith. 



The classic gift of a crucifix or cross is a special way to commemorate any sacramental occasion. It's a wonderful gift for anyone who does not have one of their own. Remember to have it blessed by your priest, so that it becomes a powerful sacramental of grace and protection. 


[[16907, 31987]]

Many Bible translations are available today, to appeal to a variety of readers. Though we can find the Bible on our phones, there's nothing like the real thing to encourage lifelong love and study of the Word of God.

[[14789, 7943]]

We design and personalize attractive bible covers with your recipient's name, Confirmation date, and even their Confirmation saint. This makes their bible an heirloom gift and keepsake.


Devotional items that honor the Holy Spirit, with Whom we are sealed on Confirmation day, also make great gifts. Help nurture a relationship with the Holy Spirit to lead your loved one to a rich and fruitful spiritual life. 



Seeking to live our Catholic faith in a broken world, amidst the temptations, challenges, and sufferings of this life is not for the faint of heart. Your inspiration, prayers, and support will be a beacon for others as they grow in their faith. At the Catholic Company, we are here to help you by providing the resources you need and the motivation to seek Him in every aspect of your life. 

This is just a small selection of Confirmation gifts. To see more Confirmation gifts and gifts for teens, click here.