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First Holy Communion Gift Guide - Printable PDF Latest

First Holy Communion Gift Guide - Printable PDF

Apr 07, 2015 by

It's that time of year again - First Holy Communion season!

First Holy Communion is the ideal time to teach children the love and reverence they should bear towards the Blessed Sacrament.  The faith that you instill in their hearts during this time will stay with them for the rest of their lives. It will be a future comfort and strength in times of trial, keeping them grounded in the love of Christ that is always there for them in Holy Communion.

In addition to prayer and leading by example, giving a faith-based gift to celebrate their First Communion day is one of the best things that parents, grandparents, godparents, and other friends and family members can do for these young children.

Think of your gift as a passing on of the Christian faith to the next generation; what you give should be able to be used and kept to memorialize the occasion for the rest of their lives, and perhaps even passed along to their own children.

Click the image below for our quick gift guide in a printable PDF format. Or, you can visit our entire online selection for boy's and girl's First Holy Communion gifts here. We've brought back lots of tried-and-true traditional gifts, and we're also uploading new and more unique items weekly.

TIP: Ask the Holy Spirit to help you pick just the right gift that will carry the most spiritual significance for your First Communicant.

Make your gift count! Because Faith Matters!


First Communion Gift Guide