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Growing in Faith - Our 2024 First Communion Gift Guide Latest

Growing in Faith - Our 2024 First Communion Gift Guide

Apr 26, 2024 by

The joyous spring season is here! With it, we welcome a new generation of Catholics to the Supper of the Lord in First Holy Communion. At The Catholic Company, we have curated a wonderful selection of accessories and gifts  to help you celebrate this incredible milestone. 

We'd like to share some of our favorites with you. Each of these are gifts that teach, share, grow, and nurture your child's faith and Catholic identity as they learn to love and embrace what we believe. We hope you will browse our collections and find something special for a First Communicant you cherish. 

Many of these can become special keepsakes your child will treasure for years to come. Here is a very small selection of the many faithful items we offer. Browse our site for extensive offerings in every category. 

Hosting a Joyful Celebration 

Plan a party they will remember as you rejoice with your family and friends. Whether it's an intimate family party or a larger gathering, mark the day to make it even more memorable, and reinforce what an important milestone First Communion is in the life of faith. 

Here are some fun and lovely accessories to help you commemorate the occasion. 

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Memorialize a sacred moment in time with our wide selection of First Communion frames, some of which we can personalize with your child's name and sacramental date.




Rosaries for the Young

Rosaries are favorite Communion gifts, and we have an extensive collection at varying price points in endless colors and designs. Formal and keepsake, fun and vibrant, sports themes, Italian rosaries, Holy Land olive wood, handcrafted rosaries made here at The Catholic Company, and so many more. 

Full rosaries, one-decade tenners, rosary bracelets and rings. We have something that will appeal to every child and every giver. Choose from hundreds of unique designs we've curated just for you.

These heirloom quality rosaries are made on site at The Catholic Company and include a special prayer card. 


Here are some of our finely crafted Italian rosaries perfect for First Holy Communion. 


We carry rosaries made in a wide array of materials, from blown glass to symbolic and meaningful Bethlehem olive wood. 


Beautiful rosaries that honor various Catholic devotions, and rosaries that celebrate special hobbies and interests. 


Sturdy corded rosaries, and those made of delicate rose petal beads. 


From gemstones to brilliantly colored clay, we have something for everyone. 

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We offer some of the most distinctive handmade rosaries you will find, and we have worked with artisans all over the world to obtain them. This one features a miniature hand-carved corpus, intricately designed and created by the finest wood carvers in Italy, whose families have been carving for generations.


Each of these unique rosaries can inspire children to prayer and help them grow closer to Mary as they begin to learn our Faith and our treasured traditions.

Books for Kids

Books that teach our Faith and awaken a desire for holiness in our children continue to give as a child grows. The selection of books for First Communion-aged children is more extensive and engaging than ever before. 

Bibles in easy-to-read language are a great gift. These personal-sized editions are made especially for boys and girls making First Communion. 


Children's missals are a traditional gift allowing children to engage with the Mass as they follow along and learn each part over time. We offer a variety of children's missals, some in gift sets that also contain other items your child can enjoy. 


Traditional books are a rich and fruitful keepsake gift, and there are now many books on the market that engage children informally and actively.


Here are some current books presenting the captivating lives of the saints in lively ways that appeal to today's kids. 



When children receive the Eucharist, they are immersed in graces they have never before experienced. It's a fruitful time to teach them the value and the treasure of the gift they have received. 

Here are some of our favorite books about the Eucharist that will amaze kids of all ages. 


Give them a special book that will help them begin to fall in love with the Eucharist. Show them that the Blessed Sacrament is so incredible a Catholic astronaut received special permission to carry it with Him 4.7 million miles into space, so he would not be without Jesus. 


Children approach God and their faith with an innocence that allows them to be open to many graces. The earlier we are able to draw their hearts and minds to Christ, the more graces they will obtain over time as they grow steadily in their faith. 



Jewelry - Faith, Fashion, & Fun

Jewelry is a fun way for kids to wear and share their faith. Timeless sacramental and keepsake jewelry is a perfect gift that never goes out of style. Some beloved favorites have been re-presented in new ways that appeal to today's youth.


We have a variety of medals with accent charms and dainty detailing kids will appreciate, and designs that bring traditional and contemporary styling together in the perfect combinations. 



Though styles change over time, we have curated a beautiful collection of heirloom and keepsake pieces.


Sparkle and sweetness, reverence and truth. Attractive accessories everyone will enjoy. 




Keepsake Boxes for Trinkets & Treasures

Rosary boxes or keepsake boxes are among our most loved gifts to give and receive. Young children enjoy having a special place to store the things that are important to them. Here are some great gifts to secure their treasures and trinkets.



When that special hiding place is personalized with their own name, it's even more enjoyable. 


Tuck a rosary, tenner, pocket token, small piece of jewelry, or any other surprise inside to add to their delight.


One-Decade Rosaries & Tenners

Children enjoy one-decade rosaries. They are perfect for pockets, keepsake boxes, and the palm of your hand. Many people don't consider these when gifting, but they are well suited to kids, less likely to be broken, and easy for grab-and-go moments. 


One-decade rosaries have evolved as design elements and materials have changed over time. Now many are sturdy enough to withstand childhood adventures. Some clip to backpacks or bags, and some do double duty as sacrifice tenners.


Decade rosaries now come in many forms. It's never been easier to carry your rosary with you, which helps kids learn early that the Rosary is a prayer for any time, anywhere.

Keychains and rosary rings also appeal to kids for their small size and novelty. New materials like pop-it silicone beads have added a sensory dimension kids enjoy. 



Single-decade rosaries are perfect as bracelets, so kids can wear and share their faith in a way that's fashionable and fun. Give one of these as a visual reminder that Our Lord and Our Lady are with them wherever they go. 


Fun Finds for Every Day

If you are a gift-giver who enjoys going off the beaten path, we have a variety of items that may not be traditional First Holy Communion gifts but are still novel, faithful, and meaningful. These are everyday items with a faithful twist.

They reinforce the gift of faith in small ways over time, and make great gifts to help kids learn to see their Catholic identity as a part of everyday life. Help them understand it's not just something we "do on Sundays" with gifts like these.


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Practical items they use and carry with them help them begin to feel confident about their Catholic identity. When this starts early, it's natural, and they learn to be proud of who they are in Christ and feel confident taking that out into the world. In times like ours, that's important.  

Tuck a rosary ring (or a few dollars) inside and add to the fun.


Kids enjoy collecting things, and we have a great selection of things they can collect to their heart's content, adding their own favorite saints and devotions as they grow in their faith.  




Gift Sets & Sacramentals

Can't decide what to give? We've got some great gift sets and timeless sacramentals that will please your special First Communicant while bringing joy and blessings. These endure as favorite gifts and are especially meaningful when given by grandparents and godparents. 


Add-ons come separately for their favorites too.



Give a trip around the world and help them travel through time with this fabulous gift set.


First Communion is the perfect occasion to begin teaching children about sacramentals that will bring grace and protection as they live a Catholic life. That's why these gifts have withstood the test of time. 


Holy water bottles are small sacramentals your child can take to church and fill with your help, keep on their nightstand, and use every day to bless themselves. Some feature saints and devotions, while others can be personalized with your child's name. 


Of course, crucifixes are a gift for any age and any season of life. Some have been given unique symbolic or decorative styling. Every Catholic child should have a wall crucifix in their bedroom, and miniature desk crucifixes are also great gifts that can be used for a lifetime. 



The Gospel of Matthew contains one of Jesus' most often quoted instructions. He told His disciples:

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. 

- Matthew 19:14

In this season of anticipation and blessing, celebrate the joyous occasion of First Communion with gifts that teach, share, engage, and grow your child's faith and Catholic identity. 

May your child's First Holy Communion day mark the beginning of a Catholic life filled with grace and wonder. 

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