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How About Some Adult Catechesis?

Oct 10, 2011 by

Imagine trying to run a church. Imagine having to provide services to a group of families ranging in ages from months to over a century and everything in between. How impossible is it to cater to every age group and their individual needs. This challenge is especially prevalent in adult catechesis. It has been my experience that catechesis ends with confirmation in most parishes. Once one’s faith is their own then it seems that most churches offer little to no further chances for education on the faith into adulthood. What can the churches offer? What does your church offer?

             Every church is different and hopefully the one that you are a part of offers a great adult catechesis program. I have witnessed some church renewal programs in which they attempt to light the fire under adults and make the faith seem newer and more exciting. Furthermore, some churches do a fantastic job of encouraging small faith groups which are essentially adult bible studies, in my experience. These are great ways for adults to grow in the Faith and Christian fellowship. A few churches in my experience have even had talks on church history and theological topics in order to continue adult catechesis among a group of people which have essentially been neglected, especially outside of high school. A Catholic Book Study is also a great way to perform adult catechesis and learn more about Christianity. Adult Catechesis is very important and worth pursuing whether in a group setting or alone.

             I highly encourage you to push your church to offer more adult catechesis if they are not offering very much of anything at the current time. In the mean time perform adult catechesis yourself if you’re not already. I know of many adults who enjoy listening to Catholic audio books on their way to work or Mass. Furthermore, many enjoy reading Catholic books or Catholic bibles at night and reflecting on them. This is a great way to continue catechesis on your own or with others. Continuing catechesis can be challenge but is very important despite your age in life. There is always more to learn and love in the Catholic Church.

             So where does your parish stand in adult catechesis?  Do they offer good programs?  Would you like to see more?