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How to Choose a Baby Gift for an Infant Baptism

Sep 21, 2012 by

We have lots of customers who aren't quite sure what kind of gift to get for an infant baptism. The kind of gift that you would get for an ordinary baby shower doesn't seem to be quite right . . . because this is a religious event, an important milestone in a child's life that has eternal significance. So, it's important to get a meaningful gift to mark the special day. So, what kind of gift should you give to a baby for their baptism day? Here are a few tips based on what's popular with our customers. Any of these gifts would be a great choice for a baby girl or a baby boy:

Hopefully this guide helped you get some ideas on what gift to get a baby boy or baby girl on the day of their baptism. It only happens once, and the child will likely keep your baptism gift for their entire lives! Many of our baptism gifts can be personalized with the child's name and the date of their baptism, which makes a great personal touch on a special keepsake from a loved family member or family friend. Are there any other gifts for an infant baptism that you would recommend?