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Be an Instant Hero: Our Mother's Day Gift Guide Latest

Be an Instant Hero: Our Mother's Day Gift Guide

Apr 18, 2016 by

Attention all sons, daughters, and husbands: Mother’s Day is fast approaching. But you don’t have to panic, we’ve been thinking ahead for you. We’ve lined up some great gifts your mothers are sure to love this year, making you an instant Mother’s Day hero.

In fact, we have four fantastic Mother’s Day gift ideas that will ensure your mom will have a pleasurable and relaxing Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day

#1: Garden gifts are a popular gift idea for most mothers, and rightly so, because Mother’s Day arrives each May (hello, flowers) and most moms love to have beautiful yards and gorgeous flower beds.  Gardens are also a great place to relax and breathe in nature’s beauty.  But gardens can serve a spiritual purpose when they become Catholic after being sprinkled with Catholic  Garden Gifts.  Catholic gardens are a wonderful place to pray and enjoy spiritual refreshment, helping your mom to remember that just as religious outdoor statues of angels and saints surround her in the garden, so too they surround her in reality, always offering up prayers on her behalf.

Kneeling Madonna & Child Garden Statue

#2: Your mom is sure to get soiled with dirt as she puts her new Catholic Garden Gifts in her yard.  But again, don’t worry, we’ve thought of this too!  For many years now customers have loved our Immaculate Waters bath & body products . . .  made with Lourdes Grotto Water!  In addition to having this special water as their key ingredient, these unique bath soaps and body lotions also contain other luxurious ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, aloe vera, rose fragrance, and lavender essential oil.  Ohhh and ahhh your Mom with a bit of spa-like luxury right in the comfort of her own home.

Immacualate Waters Soap & Lotion gift set

#3: With our line of Immaculate Waters products, your mom will probably stay in her bath a little longer than usual enjoying all that aromatherapy goodness.  But don’t worry . . . you guessed it . . . we’ve thought of that too!  Give your mom some great reading while she’s enjoying a little time to herself with Catholic Books just for mom. Catholic books provide insight, inspiration, and encouragement—all good things your mom will appreciate this Mother’s Day.

A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms

#4:  When your mom comes out of her luxurious bath, after being spiritually refreshed by her new Catholic garden and her new Catholic book, she’s probably going to feel like a new person.  Again, we’ve thought about this!  Give your mom something new to wear too, such as a lovely new Catholic bracelet or other Catholic jewelry gifts.  She’ll love to emerge from her boudoir showing off a beautiful piece of jewelry that offers her spiritual encouragement as well.

Vintage Blues Rosary BraceletThese Catholic Mother’s Day gift ideas line up the perfect relaxing day for your mom.  What can be a better way to spend Mother’s Day than with lovely scenery, a good book, a relaxing bath, a new piece of jewelry, and a very thoughtful child?  Not much, and I’m sure your mom will agree!


4 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Catholic Mom

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