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Interview with Fr. Kauth: The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

Feb 18, 2013 by

CaptureLast week, after the news of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI stepping down from his office as the Pope, I sat down with one of our Charlotte diocesan priests, Fr. Matthew Kauth, to discuss the major questions and issues surrounding this surprise decision.  This interview was conducted in 2 parts which are both featured here. Enjoy!

1. What kind of reactions are you hearing from your high school and college students about Pope Benedict's resignation?

2. The news of the Holy Father's resignation was obviously very surprising and unexpected for most of us, and many didn't know that a Pope could resign; what is the historical precedent for this decision, and why is it so significant?

3. Even though this was a surprise move, when we stop and look back it's clear that the Holy Father was preparing us for this as best as he could. What are some of the "hints" that Pope Benedict gave leading up to this announcement, and as the Holy Father and the Shepherd of shepherds, what is he teaching us through this?