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Keeping Focused During Mass

Dec 07, 2011 by

One of the most important hours in our week is that hour during the Holy Mass. We as Catholics are familiar with the Mass and the Holy Obligation to attend mass every Sunday at least. This is by far the most important hour during our week as we witness and partake in the Holy Sacrifice which unifies all Catholics in the Body of Christ Our Lord. It is important to stay focused on Christ and the Mass during Mass because of its holiness, uniqueness, and graces which we receive from the Blessed Sacrament.

This mission of staying focused during mass is not easy to say the least. In fact, I find that it is typically very easy to have my mind wander during mass into other worries of the day or week. Many times I find myself thinking about last night or the football game to come that day (if it is football season). On top of that people can be distracting during the mass as well, whether it is a crying baby or an overly touchy couple. These distractions can be so disastrous that we come out of the mass saying to one another, “Did you hear that cell phone keep going off?” instead of “Did you hear what Father said about patience? And what do you think about what he said?” Keeping focused in the Mass is not easy but with some useful tricks it can be accomplished.

I find that one of the easiest ways to keep me focused in mass is through Catholic prayer books. These books typically have Catholic Eucharistic prayers, prayers after mass, and prayers before mass. By reading these prayers one can prepare for mass and stay better focused during mass through the meditative state they invoke. You can never stop a distant baby from crying or silence a snoring child a few rows back, but you can prepare yourself by developing a mind of prayer during the mass so that those inherent distractions are far less distracting.

By using Catholic books and catholic prayers you can develop a routine of prayer during the mass which will help to keep you focused in the moment. I pray the same prayers before and after communion so that when I am approaching our Lord in the Holy Sacrifice I am thinking about the Lord, about his passion and resurrection. I would highly encourage everyone to develop a sort of mental prayer routine in the mass and especially during Holy Communion so that one can approach the Blessed Sacrament in not only physical reverence but mental as well.

 What are some of the ways that help you stay focused during mass?