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New American Bible - Revised Edition

Apr 03, 2011 by

After years of scholarly review and labor, the first major update to the NAB text was approved for printing on September 30, 2010.

What is the New American Bible Revised Edition?

The New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE) contains a more accurate translation of the Greek and Hebrew texts aided by modern historical and archeological discoveries. The NAB Revised Edition also contains changes to reflect modern usage of the English language (ex. "burnt offering" substituted for "holocaust"). Finally, it features an updated Psalter to provide a “smooth, rhythmic translation” for easy singing of the Psalms, according to the USCCB. The revised edition includes the first updated translation to the Old Testament since 1970; while retaining the 1986 edition of the New Testament.

The New American Bible Revised Edition will not be used in the Liturgy at this time and is not reflected in the upcoming changes to the Roman Missal or Mass. The NABRE is approved for personal and group study.