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9 Ways a Parish Can Use Personalized Prayer Cards

May 03, 2011 by

There are many ways to use personalized prayer cards to share the Faith with others. This is the second post in a series of uses for personalized prayer cards. If you haven't read the first, please do so where I cover the Top 8 uses for prayer cards. In this post I cover 9 ways a parish can use personalized prayer cards in a professional and affordable manner to promote services and events and to celebrate sacraments and special occasions.

  1. First Communion - Include the parish, date, a special prayer, or list of names to commemorate your First Communion and classes each year.
  2. Confirmation - Select a saint specific card that displays the patron of your parish and include a special prayer, parish, and date for the Confirmandes on the back.
  3. Sacraments - Create special parish specific cards to be given as sacramental souvenirs.
  4. Select a prayer card that ties into the sermon’s message and add a special bible verse or prayer on the back that will remind the Confirmation recipient of their call to serve.
  5. Print the dates and times of your Lent, Easter, Advent, or Christmas services for parishioners' easy reference.
  6. Provide a short personal examination of conscience and the Act of Contrition to make confession easy. Make these available for parish reconciliation services during Lent and Advent.
  7. Share Christ's message of salvation by printing your favorite Scripture passages on the back. This is an affordable way to reach large groups of people.
  8. Mass Times - seasonal
  9. Retreat Card - Promote a retreat by selecting a beautiful prayer card and writing a special prayer along with the dates of the retreat, location and any other pertinent information on the back.
  10. Can you think of others ways to use prayer cards in your parish? Please share your ideas below.