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A Prayer for Black Friday Shoppers

Nov 24, 2015 by

The day after Thanksgiving has become a cultural phenomenon called Black Friday. We've all seen those mad rushes to get the best sales of the year. While shopping is not a sin and gift-giving is a traditional and joyful part of Christmas celebrations, we as Christians should not get caught up in the materialism that drives it. Here is a prayer our team wrote to help bring the right attitude of heart into our seasonal shopping.


Dear Lord, Grant that we may keep Your love on

our minds and hearts this Black Friday.

Help us to be patient in long lines,

to show kindness in crowds,

to have respect and selflessness

in all situations.

Grant us Your protection as we travel on this busy day.

Do not let the spirit of greed and consumption

overtake us this shopping season.

Let us remember to provide for someone’s needs,

and not just their wants.

Remind us to be thankful for all that we have;

especially the people in our lives

that we will be shopping for.

Help us to keep in mind that Christmas is about

the love that Christ has for us

and not just about giving and receiving gifts.

We thank you for the means and ability

You have given us to shop for our loved ones.

We pray for the wants of the poor and for those

who have no one to be with them this Christmas.

Grant us your love and mercy

throughout the entire Christmas season.


A Prayer for all the Black Friday Shoppers____________

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