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My Top 5 Baptism Tips

Jun 25, 2012 by

Baptism is one of the most important sacraments which the Church offers, as by it one is cleansed from sin and officially enters into the Church. Since Baptism is such an important sacrament, I offer my top 5 Baptismal tips to keep in mind as your child is getting baptized. These tips are in no particular order.

Top 5 Baptism Tips:

  1. Get that baby a baptismal gown – The baptismal gown is one of the most important traditions within the sacrament of baptism. The baptismal gown is traditionally (and should be) white as it symbolizes the child’s birth into a new pure life and a cleansing of that original inherited sin which stained them from the beginning. Many usually pair the baptismal gown with the appropriate baptism accessories.
  2. Pick Godparents that are on fire – This might seem like a ridiculous piece of advice at a glance, but what I mean is that one needs to try to get Godparents for the child which are on fire in their relationship with Christ. This is important because the Godparents can share their love of Christ with the child throughout their lives and impart onto them that same love and desire for relationship with the risen Lord.
  3. Invite close friends, family, and the Godparents to the Mass – This is important because you want only those who are going to have the greatest influence on your child’s life to be present at the Mass. These people include great friends and family which love you and your child dearly. Feel free to invite many more people to the baptismal reception and party following the Mass.
  4. Make use of the Baptismal Candle – Walking away from the Baptism you should have a baptismal candle. Keep it and don’t burn it too much! You can use this candle as a symbol for Christ bringing them out of the darkness and into the light for many years to come at different celebrations along the way. Imagine how special their candle will be to them when you bring it out during their confirmation party many years down the road!
  5. Pick a Catholic Saint name or Biblical name – And why not? There exists a vast surplus of Catholic saints and many of them had great names as well. This also gives you another day to celebrate throughout their year as you give their patron saint’s day special attention. Furthermore, their name will be a constant reminder to them of their faith and the faith of their fathers.

Enjoy these tips on Baptism and I hope that some of them speak to you. Remember that getting your child the right baptism gift is important as well. A children's rosary or a children’s bible could be the perfect gift for your child. Have a great baptismal celebration.