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Tour St. Peter's Basilica Right from Your Computer

Jul 29, 2015 by

Technology today is incredible. Thanks to National Geographic, you can Take an Amazing 360° Tour of St. Peter’s in Vatican City From Your Chair.

Click the image above to take a virtual tool of the largest and most glorious Catholic Church on the planet.  Place your mouse over the buttons on the image to move through the basilica just as if you were there in person.

Fast Facts About St. Peter's Basilica

- It was constructed in the 16th and 17th centuries on the site of the dilapidated 4th century Old St. Peter's Basilica; the spot where St. Peter the Apostle was martyred.

- It fits 60,000 people at one time.

- The main dome of the basilica was designed by Michaelangelo and was inspired by the Roman Pantheon.

- It houses the largest collection of ancient art in the world

- The bronze canopy over the main alter is 96 feet tall.

- There are more than 100 tombs inside the basilica, including that of St. Peter; 91 of them are popes.

- The basilica is guarded by 120 Swiss Guards

- It is built on such an enormous scale that people appear to shrink when they walk inside.

- St. Peter's holds the famous Pieta statue of Michaelangelo, kept behind bullet proof glass.