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Using the Rosary and the Catholic Bible to encourage Catholics

Jan 15, 2012 by

Catholics Come Home Throughout the month of December you might have noticed many advertisements from I wondered what are all of these commercials about all of a sudden? Why now? The fact is that more Catholics go to Mass, pray the rosary, read the Catholic Bible and Catholic books during the Advent and Christmas season. is attempting to encourage these Catholics to continue coming to Mass and renew their catholic life.

             Perhaps you know of many Catholics who tend to be more Catholic and Christian during the Advent and Catholic Season. How does one encourage their friends and fellow parishioners to continue what they started which is developing a relationship with Christ? I propose that the best way to encourage them to develop a relationship with Christ is through encouraging them to pray, and specifically encouraging them to pray the rosary, read the Catholic Bible, and attend Mass.

             For many the power of personal invitation is very strong and therefore inviting someone to pray the rosary with you or read the Catholic Bible with you could make all the difference in their prayer life and life with Christ. I encourage you to invite those friends of yours that need the extra push to pray the rosary with you maybe just once or twice a week. If you’re part of a Catholic Bible Study then maybe you could invite them to join, or simply read the Catholic Bible with them. And inviting your friends to Mass and saving them a seat always encourages them to come and experience Christ in one of the most unique and powerful ways available.

             For some of us, giving that friend or loved one the personal invitation is not an option due to distance or other constraints. If that is the case then maybe simply giving your loved one a simple rosary will make the difference. Or perhaps you can send your loved one daily verses from the Catholic Bible over email or Facebook. I know that many of us have loved ones that could use the extra encouragement during this season to have a reversion to the Catholic Faith — and more importantly, a reversion to a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.