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Video: What It's Like to Have a Priest Bless Your Car Latest

Video: What It's Like to Have a Priest Bless Your Car

Aug 17, 2015 by

One of our coworkers, Jessica, recently purchased a new vehicle, and she wanted to have it blessed by a priest. Below is the video of the full Rite of Blessing for a new vehicle given at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC.

Jessica believes this blessing was providential, because later that same day, on her drive home from work, another vehicle nearly missed smashing into her. She has no idea how she avoided the collision, and has no doubt that she was saved from that would-be serious accident were it not for the blessing.

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Special thanks to Father Basile Sede for doing this car blessing and allowing us to record it! Fr. Sede is serving in the Diocese of Charlotte temporarily before returning to Rome to defend his doctoral thesis in philosophy, after which time he will return to his home country of Cameroon to teach at the Catholic University in the Diocese of Buéa.

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Video: Watch a Catholic Rite of Blessing for a Vehicle