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Watch How We Make Our Personalized Prayer Cards

May 30, 2014 by

Prayer cards are an important part of Catholic devotion and tradition. The small, devotional pictures depicting a religious scene or saint can be mass-produced and distributed among the faithful. They are a popular and practical way to encourage people to pray and live out their faith.

The earliest known objects that functioned like prayer cards were woodcut prints. The oldest known such woodcut dates to the 15th century and depicts St. Christopher carrying the Child Jesus. Later etching, engraving, and lithography were used.

Today with modern printing technology you can have holy cards made quickly and easily for any special occasion. Just choose the art you want on the front, whether a saint, a Sacrament, or an inspirational image, and choose a prayer or other special message for the reverse. View our selection of personalized prayer cards here.

Check out the video below to watch how we process our personalized prayer card orders: