To Know, Love, and Serve: A Path to Marital Fulfillment

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  • Rich and insightful book on marriage
  • 10 week format for married couples
  • Based on Church teaching and authors' experiences
  • Bring healing, peace, understanding and communication to your marriage
To Know, Love and Serve brings the wisdom and experience of the Church’s teaching on marriage to a practical program designed to strengthen and heal the unity of spouses. The ten-week format, founded on communication, explores the different dimensions of marriage through a straight forward and sensitive approach that reflects the clinical and personal experience of the authors. This is a remarkable couples study to bring healing, peace, understanding, and improved communication to your marriage. The goal of the study is to allow each of you to love more freely, in greater unity and peace,  and work toward healing wounds that drive a wedge between you.

The accompanying workbook is a wonderful resource to help you better process the concepts, progress through the study, and articulate your needs and feelings to each other. It is designed as a group study for married couples. Find it here: To Know, Love and Serve Workbook
  • Authors: Melissa Guzik & Jean MacKenzie
  • 102 pages
  • Paperback

To Know, Love, and Serve: A Path to Marital Fulfillment