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Celebrating Dads With Gifts From The Catholic Company

May 26, 2023 by

The biblical image of God the Father is not just happenstance. God wanted to be seen by His children as Creator, Provider, Caregiver, Teacher, Comforter, Sustainer, Healer, and even Corrector. Does this role sound familiar? That's because it was God's plan that our earthly fathers be all of this and more. He desired them to be our first glimpse of His strength and love, personified.

To help you show your gratitude and love for the special men in your life, we have curated a selection of faithful, fun, distinctive, and wonderful gifts for the fathers, grandfathers, and father figures you cherish. Here are some of my favorite Father's Day gifts for these special men. 

For the Culinary Dad

We have a great selection of unique cookbooks with a Catholic flair, and plenty of tools and accessories to take his culinary skills and presentation to the next level.




For the Dad on the Go

When it's time to jumpstart his day, we will keep his beverage of choice at hand—and at the perfect temperature—at home, in the car, or on the go.



For the Coffee Enthusiast

At The Catholic Company, we love our coffee. We develop our own flavors and roast our beans right here in-house. If Dad shares our passion, we've got you covered. If he has a favorite patron saint, or a favorite flavor, we have created a coffee for him.



Shopping for a coffee lover whose sense of humor brings joy to your life? We take our coffee seriously, but we've got a funny side too, so look no further.



For Dad's Other Beverages of Choice

When it's time for Dad to unwind and relax, we have faithful and fanciful gifts of distinction that are unique, stylish, and fun.



Not only can we help him enjoy his beverages, but we've got his back—with attractive, faithful protection for Mom's furniture. 


For Outdoor Dads 

The great outdoors is an expression of God's grandeur and a gift of His beauty. We honor love of creation with a variety of practical and fun selections.

Protect Dad from the sun while he plays his favorite sports or works in the yard.



Send Dad off in faithful and fashionable attire, updating his closet with a t-shirt or sweatshirt.



For the stylish dad who has everything, we've got socks honoring his favorite devotions and saints. These make great wardrobe accessories, not to mention great conversation starters. He can collect them all. 



We have gifts that will make recollection easier as dads spend time celebrating the joy of creation. Aids to prayer that are handsome, durable, and practical.


Books that will inspire dads to seek Him, and to seek His peace in the great outdoors.



Whether his oasis is his own backyard or the expanse of a campsite hideaway, we have something that will make the time more restful and enjoyable. 



For Dads on the Road

We've assembled some faithful gifts of love to keep him rolling when he's driving or traveling. Give Dad a special sacramental of protection that reflects what he believes.




Inside the car or outside, he can proclaim his faith. These gifts are small reminders he can see constantly, to encourage and inspire him and communicate his faith to those around him.



For Dads Who Wear & Share Their Faith

Update his jewelry collection with a few stylish pieces. We have some great everyday wear for casual accessorizing.




Some of our pieces proclaim Christ more boldly than others. Each one is a visible reminder to him, and a way for him to invoke protection and intercession. 



To take your gift to the next level, give him a beautiful keepsake or valet box where he can store it.


We have a wide selection of handsome sacramentals that will show your gratitude for Dad's faithful example. Have your gift blessed by your priest and it becomes a powerful means of grace and protection. 



For Dads Who Enjoy Reading

We have an incredible selection of inspiring and thought-provoking Catholic material in every genre you can imagine. Is Dad a history buff? Look here for a few fascinating reads:



Many don't realize there is a growing body of Catholic literature and historical fiction that is edifying, faithful, and enjoyable. Here are a few of my favorites:



For the man who enjoys the lives of the saints and inspiration for every day, we have selections to reinvigorate his faith and bolster his hope.




You can never go wrong with the classics or prayer books. These offer wisdom to help Dad face the inevitable difficulties of life in the world as he aspires to grow spiritually in his vocation.  



In a time where fatherhood and the family are under attack, we have many books that offer support and timeless counsel for dads. They are the spiritual leaders of the family, and must know how to lock down their houses and protect those they love. 

[[33776, 3902]]


These beautiful and thought-provoking selections call men to examine themselves, in light of our eternal promise, and aspire to perfection in Christ.


For Dads Who Risk Their Lives for Ours

Some dads are called to risk their lives for others in their everyday vocations. For these courageous warriors, we have gifts that acknowledge that self-sacrifice.



In addition to their calling to fatherhood, these men have stepped forward to sacrificial love for brothers and sisters they do not know with true servants' hearts. As they inspire and strengthen us, individually and collectively, we honor their generosity of spirit.



Our Priests as Spiritual Fathers

I enjoy giving my pastor a Father's Day gift. It's a powerful reminder of his role in our lives and the life of the Church. These selections are a few of my prior choices.


Our priests and deacons serve as fathers in spirit, guiding and leading us to our eternal inheritance. Their fatherhood is all consuming, and they are the fathers of countless souls. 


Pouring themselves out for us, they are God's Fatherhood personified. We have a wide selection of items for the reading, prayer, study, and enjoyment of priests and deacons. 



Give a small gift to celebrate their role in your life, or a more considerable gift of beauty that expresses your gratitude for their example, inspiration, and guidance. 


Acknowledging them at Father's Day affirms their vocation and reminds them of your support and prayers. In these trying times, Father's Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the special priests and deacons in your life. 


Beloved Patron of Fathers

We cannot ponder fatherhood without mention of the foster-father of Christ. He is the patron, model, and intercessor for all husbands and fathers. "Go to Joseph," is an age-old Catholic saying.


These gifts will remind Dad to honor and invoke him.




Last But Not Least

I said we had a sense of humor at The Catholic Company, so I close with the traditional and stereotypical Father's Day gift, updated, reimagined, and faithfully fashionable. A new twist on an old favorite for a Catholic dad:



The Very Best Gift

This Father's Day, there is one gift you can give to the special men in your life that will stand out above all the rest. That is, of course, the gift of prayer.

Offer your day for them. Remember them in your rosary or with invocations throughout the day and night. Commend them to the Lord, Our Lady, and the saints and angels. Make a holy hour for their intentions. Have a Mass said for them. These are priceless gifts that will have eternal impact and bear fruit for the dads you love. 

We thank you, Lord, for the gift of fathers, both spiritual and familial. 

We pray for those still with us and those who have gone to their eternal inheritance. 

We we ask Your blessing upon all men whom you call to imitate Your own sacred Fatherhood. 

May they enjoy many happy years, all of them pleasing to you. 


These finds are just a small selection of Father's Day gifts for the special men you cherish. 

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