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One of the Best Ways to teach your kids their Faith!

Nov 22, 2011 by

Vampires, sorcerers, dragons… There seems to be an array of imaginative books for children and young adults, but what about the ones that teach and share the Catholic faith? As Catholic parents our primary purpose is make sure our kids are learning their faith. Reading quality Catholic books is the perfect way to start. Plus, you can start early. My little boy just turned one and he loves reading books together before bed. Here are a few I have on hand for now and as he gets older…

Thank You, Dear God by Mary Elizabeth Tebo: Sometimes adults over think prayer; but Mary Tebo’s book reminds us that prayer is simply talking to God. It is recommended for ages 1 to 3 and has great illustrations along with simple happy prayers.

This Little Prayer of Mine by Anthony DeStefano: Children love to know that God is always near and protecting them. “This Little Prayer of Mine” tells a child that God is always listening no matter their intentions. Whether they have happy, sad, thankful, or even angry prayers, God is always near.

The Mass Book for Children by Rosemarie Gortler and Donna Piscitelli:  What a great way to introduce your child to the Eucharist, through reading! There are so many books that explain the parts of the mass, but this children’s book goes one step further by depicting why joining in the mass is a joyful experience of love. It contains step-by-step explanations, instructions, responses, and prayers. My nieces and nephews are a bit older (5-12) and their parents have used this book to help explain the importance and beauty of the mass.

The Paraclete Treasury of Angel Stories: I just love the illustrations in this book and angels are very intriguing to kids! Each story and picture highlights a key moment in the Old or New Testament; from Creation to the Resurrection and on to Revelation.

Stations of the Cross by Reverend L. Lovasik and Reverend J Winkler: Lent is when we reflect on Jesus’ suffering on the cross and a very solemn time during the liturgical year. I think children have a hard time contemplating Jesus’ suffering, but this book explains The Stations of the Cross in an age appropriate manner and allows children to follow along. I would recommend this book for ages 5 and up.

The Treasure Box Books Sets 1-10 and 11-20 by The Maryknoll Sisters: These books bring me back to MY childhood. The illustrations have an “old-time” feel and the text teaches the Catholic faith in a reverent straightforward manner.

So spend less time in front of the TV and more time reading and in prayer with your children or grandchildren!

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