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First Communion Gift Guide

Apr 07, 2020 by

A lot has changed in these last months. What might have felt stable and dependable—our schedules, school, work, Mass, and events that were on the calendar—have largely been upended. Many churches have been closed due to restrictions for COVID-19, putting the Sacraments that were scheduled in question.

While we are not able to see the future, we do know that children will eventually make their First Holy Communion and their Confirmation. And when that happens, those will be big celebration days!

Gifts of faith for our children are essential. Not only do they nourish their blossoming relationship with Christ, but they show our own faith, as well. Children need to see that faith is important to the adults around them.

We have put together (from our staff favorites) the following gift guide for First Holy Communion. We hope you will find that special gift you are looking for—a gift that helps your child's relationship with Christ grow and blossom, even during times of uncertainty!

Gifts of Faith for First Communion

Rosary and Keepsake Boxes

A rosary is a wonderful gift for someone who is receiving First Holy Communion. The Holy Rosary has been called the "Compendium of the Gospels" because it is a reflection of the Gospel and brings to mind the life of Christ and the Blessed Mother so beautifully.

In our Good Catholic series on the Holy Rosary (Full of Grace), Father Eckert described the rosary as the tool that "takes us from Sunday to Sunday" because it so wonderfully calls us to reverence and docility to God's Will and in this way assists us "between Masses" and "tethers us to Christ and the Church."

While a young First Communicant might not understand all of that now, it will be a great spiritual help always, regardless of their present catechetical knowledge! Give them this wonderful spiritual tool as a gift for their First Holy Communion.

Here we show a few favorites along with a keepsake box we also love. You can also find our special First Communion rosaries and keepsake boxes here.

First Communion glass pearl rosary
First Commuion Glass Pearl Rosary

Black First Communion rosary
Black First Holy Communion Rosary

Personalized keepsake box
Personalized Keepsake box

Unique Gifts To Enhance Their Faith

Personalized Heroes Saint Boxes

Help your child learn about these Catholic heroes (the saints), and increase their love and enthusiasm for the Faith!

Each personalized mango wood box will read "[Your Child's Name]'s Heroes," making this a unique and personal keepsake that will be loved and cherished by the young recipient.

Girls' Personalized Hero Saint Box
Girls' Personalized Hero Saint Box (Boys' box available here)

First Communion Gift Box For Boys and Girls

This gift box was designed to be a profound yet understandable devotional resource for boys and girls. The comfort cross, First Communion prayer book, sturdy decade rosary, and thoughtful prayer card will help them to develop a reverent devotion to Christ in the Eucharist and foster a life of faith and service.

First Communion Gift Box Set
First Communion Gift Box Set (Boys' set shown, girls' version here)

Give the Gift of Books

Start of course with THE BOOK (the Bible), such as our various First Communion Bibles. These bibles are the perfect gift for those receiving their First Communion. Every child should have his or her own bible!

In addition to its wealth of study material, each bible contains a family register page.

First Communion Bible
First Communion Bible (also available in pink and white)

The Vintage Sacred Heart Bible comes is another beautiful option that will promote a deeper love and understanding of beloved Catholic devotions.

Find all of our First Communion bibles here.

Saintly Rhymes for Modern Times:

Clever, touching and memorable, this is a beautiful book filled with short rhymes that capture the lessons we can learn from various modern saints.

Saintly Rhymes For Modern Times
Saintly Rhymes For Modern Times

Catechism of the Seven Sacraments:

Written like a comic book, Catechism of the Seven Sacraments comes to life as a work of genius that's perfect for young boys and girls. The writers and their seven children built each scene in the book from LEGOs!

The reviews prove how wonderful this book is:

“My boys 8 and 10 fight over reading it! They take it to adoration each week.”

“I saw this title and thought 'What?!? Lego Sacraments' I am so glad I took another look. This book is great! I enjoyed reading it and my 11 year old son loves it. It is just right for him to understand and it keeps his attention with the legos, he has to look on every page he reads to see how they built the sets. Thank you so much for thinking of this, it is a winner!!”

Catechism of the Seven Sacraments
Catechism of the Seven Sacraments

Jesus Speaks to Me On My First Holy Communion:

In this touching book, Jesus explains to children why First Communion is an important part of His plan for their life and their special relationship with Him.

Jesus Speaks to Me on My First Holy Communion
Jesus Speaks to Me on My First Holy Communion

Little Special Extras

Junior Litany of Saints Prints:

Give the gift of role models to brighten a young person's room and bring to mind the saints as they grow up. This Junior Litany of Saints Print does just that, and goes perfectly in any room. Framed or unframed, this print comes in three versions: one featuring male saints, one featuring female saints, and featuring both male and female saints! These prints are one of our absolute favorite gifts for kids. (They also come as a pillow case!) See how many of the saints your children can recognize!

Junior Litany of the Saints Framed Print.
Junior Litany of the Saints Framed Print. Discover all of our Litany of the Saints products!

A set of sacrifice beads is also a thoughtful gift. While we have many gorgeous First Communion rosaries, this sacrifice tenner is especially sweet and instructive for First Communicants. Each time a sacrifice is made (making their bed without being asked, biting their tongue instead of saying something unkind, responding the first time to a request), a bead can be slid over to offer up the sacrifice to Christ.

Ecce Homo Sacrifice Tenner
Sacrifice Tenner

Little pocket rosaries are another great option for those receiving First Holy Communion:

Carmelite Pocket Rosary
Carmelite Pocket Rosary

Devotional Journals:

Writing to God is an important and wonderful way to grow closer to him. Encourage your child or grandchild to bring all her feelings and thoughts to Him with this colorful and lovely devotional journal! Find more kids' devotional journals here.

The Kindness Devotional Journal
The Kindness Devotional Journal

First Communion: A Holy Event That We Should Cherish

First Holy Communion is an important time in a child’s life. If this sacrament has been delayed due to the COVID-19 restrictions, perhaps you and your child can offer that, too, as a sacrifice they will always remember. Jesus Christ never delays in coming to us, and we can share this fact with our children.


"Let the children come to me" is one of the most remembered phrases Our Lord spoke. By placing a special focus on your child’s relationship with Christ, you can make this time a special time of anticipation. And when the sacrament does finally occur, they will be that much more excited and encouraged!

You can shop our whole First Communion collection here.